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Reishi-Chocolate Latte

Le 27 mai 2015, 08:20 dans Humeurs 0



2 cups classic india space tea

3/4 cup nut milk, your favorite

1 teaspoon cacao powder

1 teaspoon Ihealbox reishi mushrooms powder

1 teaspoon coconut oil, cold pressed

1 date or honey, to taste

Dash cayenne pepper

Pinch sea salt

Grounded nutmeg


Cooking Instructions:


Allow to steep tea for 5 minutes for full aroma taste and health benefit. Blend all ingredients. Serve immediately. Garnish with grounded nutmeg.


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Wholesale BJD Dolls from Legend BJD

Le 18 mai 2015, 07:47 dans Humeurs 0

100% Handmade Ball Jointed Dolls for Every Age


Ball-Jointed Dolls or BJDs / Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls or ABJDs are dolls that are articulated with the help of balls and socket joints. The BJD Styled dolls are influenced by animated characters as well as realistic human features. These dolls are available for all age groups right from small kids to adults. While the mini dolls are preferred by young collectors the larger dolls are majorly intended for adults. These dolls have gained immense popularity over the past few years primarily because people can get their favorite animated character in the form of dolls as well as customize them by painting, changing the eye color, using wigs, shoes, dresses and many more. At Legend BJD, customers can find all types of BJD dolls suitable for all age groups.


This online store offers original BJD patterns with different wardrobe pieces suitable for all sizes. Customers can find a wide range of dolls, clothing, wigs, eyes, costumes, shoes and many more. The store also offers contemporary BJDs that are inspired by famous animated characters. These dolls are perfect gifting options for kids as well as adult collectors. Mermaids, pirates, mystic kids, angels and many more such BJD dolls are available here. The store also offers a wide range of clothing for these dolls right from frocks to dresses, sweaters to long coats, night gowns to baby clothes and many more. A variety of other accessories such as jewelry, bedding, beds, closets, dressers, and lamps, bedroom sets, etc. are available for decorating the doll houses.


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Legend BJD, based at China is an online store that offers various goods of unique ball jointed dolls, eyes, dresses, shoes, accessories and many more that are 100% handmade.